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OG Ninjas

Katie Tina




Jen Brooks


Jen Brooks came to yoga in 2001 in order to find strength and flexibility. She immediately noticed benefits beyond the physical, and began her search for deeper meaning. Her yogic influences include Sharon Gannon and David Life, founders of Jivamukti Yoga. An ethical vegan, Jennifer's personal practice is focused on Ahimsa (non-harming) and Bhakti (devotion).

Trained at the 500 hour level (Yoga Pura-Phoenix, AZ), Jennifer has been teaching since 2007. Her challenging classes include philosophy, music, and a sense of humor that will leave you feeling relaxed and inspired.



Tammy Gatten


Tammy Gatten is a graduate of Yoga Pura's 500 hour teacher training, under the guidance of Yogi E (A.K.A Eric Walrabenstein). She has also attended continuing training and education at the Southwest Institute for Healing Arts, and has completed her Yoga Nidra Certification through Yoga Pura. Her primary focus is on helping new students become engaged and educated on how Yoga can become an empowering tool for life.
Tammy is committed to the well being of her students through mindful instruction, gentle adjustments, and connecting daily life into intentions to be applied on and off the mat. Whatever the class, students will be cared for and loved, mind, body and soul. 
When Tammy is not teaching Yoga, she enjoys every minute she can spend with her husband, two dogs, and two 'adult' boys



Paige Rene


Paige first discovered the emotional healing benefits of yoga after struggling with an eating disorder, anxiety and depression.  Searching for a better alternative to medications that she had been using to treat her symptoms, she instead decided to treat the issues that were causing them. While building her inner strength, she noticed she body was getting stronger as well. Paige received her 500hr teaching certificate from The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ.  Paige currently teaching in Los Angeles, California



Kim Mcneil


Kim is a freckled, Montreal-born gal who discovered yoga after her competitive swimming career came to an end.  After retiring from the sport, Kim tried kickboxing, karate, and knitting but nothing seemed to fill the gap.  As a last resort, she took her first yoga class in 1998.  The rest as they say is history.  With over 10 years of experience, she specializes in demystifying yoga and helping her students become comfortable with it regardless of their yoga experience.  She works with those living with pain, injury, arthritis, and those with more specific needs and goals.  Her multi-disciplinary approach to yoga therapy helps her clients manage their chronic pain, stress, and mobility issues. The result is a huge improvement in their quality of life which includes getting back to doing the things they love. Causes close to her heart are CancerviveThe Arthritis SocietyPower of Movement, and Yoga Thrive.  Most importantly, Kim believes yoga can help anyone feel better and live a happier life.



Chelsa Isaacson


Yoga is the union of the individual self with the universal self.” – BKS Iynegar. Yoga has been a part of my life for 10 years, starting off in Bikram at 13, moving to Summits yoga at 16 and then Vinyasa Flow Yoga at 20. Originally, being 13, I was very nervous and fearful about going to my first yoga class; I had no clue what to expect. After 5 minutes, I was in love, in love with how self aware and connected I felt. My passion for yoga flourished as I grew older and became more and more inspired. Yoga helped me to feel a sense of unity, not only with the Yogi community, but also to myself. During my Yoga teacher training I learned just how much strength and balance yoga can bring to an individual, not only on, but off the mat as well. When we learn to quite the mind on our mats and stay in yoga poses that, let’s face it, really make our muscles work and thighs burn. We are able to do so off out yoga mats, taking whatever life throws at us with calmness, peace and clarity. I am truly honored to have this amazing opportunity to guide you through your yoga practice. “From the light within me, I honor the light that is deep, divine, and true within each and every one of you.” Namaste!



Kendra Phillips


Home studio: the woods, the beach, on the farm. My home studio closed, and I took my practice outside. Nature recharges my soul and I love to be outside. I use my ipad for direction, Apps & videos guide me. 
Bio: I have always loved yoga, but when my local studio closed I stopped practicing in a studio. Several years later when searching for lifestyle change & accountability I discovered yoga & the instagram yoga family. I took my practice outside and haven't looked back! My two daughters love yoga and my close friends have even picked it up. I enjoy finding yoga inspiration on IG, and sharing the beautiful parts of my world while meeting others from all over.


Laura Rankel


When Laura took her first yoga class in 2006, she knew there was no looking back. Her passion ignited, she then turned to Yoga Pura‛s 500-hour Advanced Studies & Teacher Training program as a way to deepen her own practice and share the gifts of yoga with others. Laura continues to be amazed by the healing and transformation that has occurred in her life off the mat as a result of her practice and loves to share her enthusiasm with her students, both young and young-at-heart. Her classes and workshops blend a genuine love of the practice, detailed attention to alignment, and integration of yogic philosophy and concepts into everyday life, with a joyful approach. Recognizing the power that yoga has had with her own daughter, Laura has become a tireless advocate for yoga for children. Laura has helped to train and mentor many valley yoga teachers in her role as a mentor for the Yoga Pura teacher training program. Laura holds E-RYT500 and CRYT designations and is a Certified Yoga Nidra Facilitator.



Ronee Kipnes


Ronee is the owner and co-creator (there have been many who have assisted in this creation!) of ANAHATA Sound and Energy Healing. Her desire to create a community of conscious connection was inspired through years of gathering tools, extensive study and practice in yoga and the healing arts, and her desire to uplift those around her.ANAHATA Sound and Energy Healing was born from the realization that there was a need for spiritually based yogic practices with a strong emphasis on healing through sound. (Gong, crystal bowls, and mantra)  She has been a working reiki practitioner for 30 years, a reiki master for 8 and became an Energy Radiance practitioner 8 years ago through the instruction of Jaculin Dorman.  Ronee graduated Kundalini Yoga Teacher training in 2008 at Yoga Phoenix after falling wildly in love with the practice! Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, had a profound impact on her life and opened her heart to the idea of sharing the practice with as many individuals as possible. Currently working on Level 2 training modules, Ronee is deepening both her practice and knowledge of this powerful technology to share with all who enter ANAHATA.  The mantras and gong meditations inspired her to learn to play gong and further explore sound healing though voice. Sound had proven to be an incredibly healing experience for her on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.  In early 2013 Crystal Singing Bowls were introduced into her consciousness and quickly became a new passion. The high vibrational frequency of the crystal alchemy bowls were a perfect addition to her sound and energy practice and quickly became the preferred tool of choice. Ronee began studying with numerous sound healing professionals around the country with a clear intention to utelize the bowls into both her practice and space! Anahata Sound and Energy Healing is the Greater Phoenix's only Crystal Bowl Temple with over 60 Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls by Crystal Tones.  Ronee's treatments include a blend of each of her learnings. Dependent on what her clients' needs are, she will custom tailor the treatment to best serve and heal. Most sessions include reiki, energy radiance, chakra balancing, crystal therapy, aromatherapy, and always sound healing.  Ronee also hosts a weekly crystal bowl meditation which is deeply relaxing, clearing, and renewing! All proceeds will be donated to Yoga Teacher Training Scholarships around the valley! She is grateful to all who have assisted her in her spiritual growth, and her many teachers  who have guided her on her continuous journey as she opens the doors to this sacred community-based healing space.  "Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light." Yogi Bhajan



Anton Mackey


Yoga Ninja Anton Mackey brings a dynamic style of teaching to his classes at LifePower and The Madison Improvement club. His classes are a challenging blend of power and flow that move to the music and encourage his students to connect to their own unique creative energy. 
A Scottsdale resident, this Truth Seeker travels all around the country sharing his passion for the yoga practice to those he meets! 
His class will leave you inspired and full of gratitude for every breath, step, and pose you take! 

"I believe Yoga is a transformational practice that encourages us to look inward to create a deeper connection to our soul, leading to a more healthy and happy life!"