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We all can't do it all.

Posted by on July 28, 2014

Frustrating it is to find a pose that gives you trouble. I don't care who you are, there are a handful of poses you prefer to ignore. The sad thing is, these are probably the ones we should be focusing on. You know the old saying, if it ain't hard, it ain't worth it (ok maybe that was just what we heard growing up) but it's TRUE. If pigeon is your 'go-to' pose, chances are you have open hips and thats awesome, but if you have a hard time with tree maybe you need to focus on balance. Sometimes our practice is a direct correlation of things we need to work on in life, yes 'deep' I know. Think about it though, are you having trouble with opening your joints and connective tissue, are you being flexible with people and plans around you? Maybe you can't stay grounded in your practice no matter how hard you try, are you constantly fluttering from one thought to the next in your daily life? We need to understand that our practice is not just an exercise, it isn't just an escape once (or for the real crazies 2-4 times) a day. This is a lifestyle you are slowly embracing yourself with. When you are angry... breathe, when you are happy... handstand, cartwheel, flow freely, and when you are lost... take a child's pose and connect with the only one who really knows what you need.... you. 

Inspirational Yogi Rachel Brathen, Follow her amazing practice and life through instagram @yoga_girl and her blog. Photo Cred: Elephant Journal

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