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new year new blah blah blah

Posted by on January 03, 2015

yes the new year new you fad has shown its face again for 2015. it's like the date makes the possibly of starting a new health kick or routine all the more easier. As always we root for anyone who takes a step in the right direction and starts or continues a healthier regime. but people we should always be assessing and reevaluating where we are at in our lives and everyday should be reaching goals creating new resolutions and moving forward on our ever changing path through life. uh hem... that being said lets get back to this 2015 wellness bonanza and just jump on board for two seconds. if you are trying to create a more successful happier year and you want to kick it off with a few goals or resolutions make sure they are obtainable! we may on the outward chance become millionaires or join the VS Angels secret club but where do who do we really want to be in 2016 where do we want our health for 2017 and 18 and where do we want our relationships to lie for years after that. Its about this new year but setting ourselves up for success in the years to come. Create a healthy HABIT, enhance your current ROUTINE and also possibly reach your goal by May so you can start a new spring new me resolution list then.... we love goals no matter what time of year and there is no time like the present to start on self improvement.

If you need ideas for some health habits to start check out Sarah Rose's Blog here... Health is a HABIT.

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