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my yoga, the meaning of your practice

Posted by on October 07, 2014

A little bit ago someone said yoga is great exercise. I was taken aback for a second because to me, my yoga practice goes far beyond my physical body and the fitness aspect is a bonus, not the goal. It got me thinking how differently each person envisions what yoga is and how serious we take our practice. I'll be the first to say any yoga is good yoga, but we all have our favorite type and style. Yoga can mean so many different things and the only way to truly know what it means to you is to go experience it all. No longer think the classes on the schedule you haven't taken are intimidating, instead think of it as a new project... a goal. To go out and see all walks of yoga to decide what you like and what it really means to you. Push yourself out of your comfort zone because as a great instructor I know says, thats the place where you will grow. 

Reinhard Gammenthaler, Kundalini Intensive Training in Thailand

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