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is this yoga thing for real?

Posted by on July 09, 2014

Yoga has become a fad, yes we said the terrible word. It's cool to be fit, it's cool to bend, twist and balance; and it's definitely cool to declare how 'yogi' you are. Some traditional 'yogis' and people who take their practice seriously and deeply may look down upon this or see the trend being negative. In our eyes though, it's AWESOME! How cool that something we love and are passionate about is becoming mainstream cool? Ok, maybe not mainstream...yet. But look around, people are becoming more eco-concious, they are recognizing what they are putting into their bodies and the benefit of health and wellness. Along with that comes yoga, they are breaking through the stereotypical barriers that have prevented them from trying it out before. So we say, let it be cool, let it be lame; either way we will still have our practice and the more the merrier. Any yoga is good yoga and whether you do it to show off, or to gain your own peace of mind, we are all on a different journey and incorporating some movement and breathing in your life can only bring good things. It's all good baby.... Over & Out

Photo Cred: itsallyogababy.com (really cool blog btw)

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