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getting a routine, but also sticking to it

Posted by on September 22, 2014

well here we are again, yes it's been awhile. We are as human as anyone else and sticking to a new routine can be insanely difficult at first. (ok we know our posts are less than routine, but... that's the point we're making!) it's kind of like when you first start your yoga practice you are full force ready to take action #yogaeverydamnday, but then life comes along and we see where our priorities lie. It's ok to be human, but that is why we need to evaluate how we spend our time everyday and where our priorities stand. Yes, this is muucchh easier said than done, but we are in it with you and do solemnly promise (not only to the ninjas, but also ourselves) that we will blog regularly and stick to it. That being said, if you want to follow this journey with us, check in once a month. You can call us out if we skip or praise us when we overachieve but use this energy also to apply to your daily life and practice. Maybe we can all grow together (well of course we can). Now roll out your mat while we plan our next post.


uh... we love and support everyone in our beautiful yogi community. Especially the awkwards.

Photo Cred: loudlaugh.com

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