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Jump Start

Posted by on 11th Feb 2016

We have been on a longgggggg hiatus from the proper updates to the site and blog. Apologies for this! We are gearing up to get a bunch of new stuff out there. We have also been teaming up with local instructors and studios in Arizona to spread our beautiful community and gain inspiration. 

Stay tuned for good things...

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be positive, it's easy right?

a wise instructor I know posted a short story to social media that really resonated with me. looking ahead with a positive outlook...Today when I was getting ready to teach an outdoor yoga class, I overheard a woman saying that she can't even enjoy the beautiful weather because she knows what's coming. Then a little [...]

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new year new blah blah blah

yes the new year new you fad has shown its face again for 2015. it's like the date makes the possibly of starting a new health kick or routine all the more easier. As always we root for anyone who takes a step in the right direction and starts or continues a healthier regime. but [...]

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Be thankful for the body you have been given, the mind you have and the spirit within you. During the holiday season we are thinking of others and trying to show gratitude for all around us, but take some time for yourself... your practice. Take this time to dwell deep and be thankful for all [...]

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now it gets fun.

in my own personal practice there was an uphill start. I liked yoga, I was going to yoga but I really didnt get it then. I don't remember how it happened but I remember taking a class at my home studio and thinking... ah I could keep going all day, I was so at peace [...]

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my yoga, the meaning of your practice

A little bit ago someone said yoga is great exercise. I was taken aback for a second because to me, my yoga practice goes far beyond my physical body and the fitness aspect is a bonus, not the goal. It got me thinking how differently each person envisions what yoga is and how serious we [...]

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getting a routine, but also sticking to it

well here we are again, yes it's been awhile. We are as human as anyone else and sticking to a new routine can be insanely difficult at first. (ok we know our posts are less than routine, but... that's the point we're making!) it's kind of like when you first start your yoga practice you [...]

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We all can't do it all.

Frustrating it is to find a pose that gives you trouble. I don't care who you are, there are a handful of poses you prefer to ignore. The sad thing is, these are probably the ones we should be focusing on. You know the old saying, if it ain't hard, it ain't worth it (ok [...]

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is this yoga thing for real?

Yoga has become a fad, yes we said the terrible word. It's cool to be fit, it's cool to bend, twist and balance; and it's definitely cool to declare how 'yogi' you are. Some traditional 'yogis' and people who take their practice seriously and deeply may look down upon this or see the trend being [...]

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ready to start, now what?

So a big issue of trying something new is figuring out the best way to begin. In our yoga practice that first step can be harder than mastering any pose. When we walk into our first class intimidation can kick in right away. It is so amazing to see students who are confident in their [...]

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